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Pennsylvanians continue to overwhelmingly support medicinal marijuana


Pennsylvanians continue to overwhelmingly support medicinal marijuana

According to a Franklin & Marshall poll released on June 18, 2015, 87% of Pennsylvanians support making medicinal cannabis available to sick Pennsylvanians with a physician’s recommendation. The poll, with a 4.1% margin of error, again demonstrates that Pennsylvanians support medicinal cannabis in overwhelming numbers. Similar Franklin & Marshall polls in 2014 reflected 81% and 84%, respectively.

Even support for full recreational legalization is up in Pennsylvania, from 35% a year ago to 40%.

“We are obviously very happy that the message of reform, especially medicinal reform, is being heard by Pennsylvanians. But it is incredibly frustrating to see this kind of support and to know that one man, the Chairman of the PA House Health Committee Matt Baker can single handedly prevent medicinal marijuana legislation from moving forward. Quite literally 80% of the PA Senate voted in support of Senate Bill 3, our medicinal cannabis bill, and we are confident it would pass the full House if brought up for consideration. But Rep. Baker and some in the House Republican Leadership simply do not seem to care what Pennsylvanians think or want. And, in the meantime, Pennsylvanians suffer, relocate or risk prosecution in order to seek relief for a 100% natural and non-toxic plant.” Pittsburgh NORML Executive Director Patrick K. Nightingale, Esquire

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