TAKE ACTION PENNSYLVANIA: State lawmakers have introduced legislation, SB 528

TAKE ACTION PENNSYLVANIA: State lawmakers have introduced legislation, SB 528, to permit the adult possession and retail sale of marijuana.Welcome-to-Pennsylvania

The measure permits adults to privately possess marijuana without penalty and to cultivate up to six plants (no more than three mature) for non-commercial purposes. Not-for-profit transactions involving small quantities of marijuana are also permitted.

Click here to quickly contact your state lawmakers and urge that they support this measure!

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17 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION PENNSYLVANIA: State lawmakers have introduced legislation, SB 528

  1. This just gives more power to More irresponsible people who will be under the influence on the road and kill more people. Whether its alchohol or drugs its rediculous.

    • Can you substantiate your claims with actual numbers? Please site your sources for how many dwu’s there are for marijuana users and how many fatalities are caused by them. Seems to me I see daily news accounts of some drunk driver causing an accident or killing someone and have yet to see one about pot. There are probably more people killed by idiots texting while driving than pot smokers. Maybe you’d like to make cell phones illegal? They have laws against texting and driving but it doesn’t stop people.
      You do realize of course that there are thousands of users all around you and being illegal isn’t going to stop people from smoking pot.
      When they’re starving for revenue in Pa., this is a perfect opportunity to add to their coiffures instead of constantly raping us with other taxes.
      Why bother posting something when there are absolutely no facts to back your claim?

    • Then we should be having the conversation of putting alcohol back on prohibition! Better education about these drugs when our children are growing up is indeed the answer.

    • Perhaps a reality check is in order. Marijuana has officially been shown to NOT inhibit driving to the degree once thought. Marijuana has been legal in many states for many years now. Thanks to that fact a huge shift in reality has taken place. A mountain of new studies has been produced disproving old bias’s and shining light on the actual chemical makeup and benifits available. Sure the first time user may have “highness” issues but, they are less dramatic than the effects of getting drunk. Marijuana has the calming effect of tobacco but with property’s that help lesson cancer risk. Indica’s, sativa’s and hybrids have different effects and qualities far beyond getting high. Haters are going to hate without regard but, to me your just a whiney nay sayer and your simply expressed hatred for what you deem a drug comes across no more logical than a bigot or racists mentality. …sad for you.

    • Well at least most tokers can spell ridiculous or you’re just ignorant and must not know much about “these so called drugs”. Alcohol is one thing but you can’t say pot is going to kill “more” (where are your facts) people. It absolutely blows my mind that people find nicotine, alcohol, sugar, and all these mass produced opioid’s and anxiety medication’s safer then an all natural plant. Big pharma hates the idea of legalization because they are losing addicts… Doctors are just more expensive and legal drug dealers. But let them keep killing hundreds of thousands of people every year and it’s ok Because a doctor prescribed it. How about kids with epilepsy that could stop taking 10 medications a day and take one all natural dose that doesn’t even get anyone high, if it was your kid I’d bet you’d want the resources to treat your child safely. So mayor of go fuck yourself get bent!

  2. One NHTSA study found that in 2009, 18 percent of fatally injured drivers tested positive for at least one illicit, prescription, or over-the-counter drug (an increase from 13 percent in 2005). The facts are this: most fatal drug drivers also have high levels of alcohol in their system making it impossible to determine which had the greater contribution to the accident.

    In reality-it doesn’t matter. If you’re stupid enough to kill your own brain, yourself, or an innocent bystander by taking drugs-legal or otherwise-you are a fool.

    Do you think the government cares what you want? This is just a way for then to tax what you’re already doing and help kill off some more of you undesirables.