2017 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

2017 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

World Medical Cannabis Conference hosted at the David L Lawrence Convention Center by Compassionate Certification Center’s. This expo is for patients, investors, physicians, vendors with a full day of speaking and a kickoff cocktail event on Friday April 21!

Those wishing to attend will be able to talk to a number of experts in the field of cannabinoids about the different methods to ingest the product, via edibles, oils, vaping and traditional smoking. You could also speak to them about what it is like to visit dispensaries like the Purple Lotus Patients Center if this is your first time visiting a place like this. When it comes to a topic like medical marijuana, the more you know, the better it’ll be especially for someone who is new to it.

Included in this is a discussion on the best storage methods for cannabis buds, and some interested in learning more beforehand can read this HerbCEO interview with Cannaseur humidors for a better understanding of one expert’s knowledge in the field.

There will also be a heavy focus on the medical use of cannabis and even using the Best treat leaf edibles online, including in the treatment of chronic pain and ailments, the potential use as an aid for mental health issues, and the interesting uses for the by-products of the trade such as hemp recycling into clothing and building materials. The aim of the Expo is to allow experts to gather with the curious public to find out more about the product often derided or demonized within society, and to see just how it can become a great benefit to communities through these methods, as well as a means to help build jobs and further energize economies in hot spot locations. With the growing interest in cannabis, many are interested in learning more about the benefits and the tools needed for marijuana cultivation. Luckily, there are sites similar to Led Grow Lights Judge that can offer advice for marijuana cultivation and accessories like the best weed grinder.

Anyone interested in attending the first of many Expos to come should buy tickets in advance. Stay tuned!