PA to Congress end marijuana prohibition

February 12, 2018

Democratic state Senator Anthony Williams has introduced Senate Resolution 258 to amend the federal Controlled Substances Act so that marijuana is no longer classified as a Schedule I controlled substance.

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If passed, this resolution would urge Congress to take action to amend federal law so that states could regulate cannabis absent undue federal interference.

Out of 12 individuals on a state Senate committee, 11 have approved the resolution to urge Congress to reevaluate marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I controlled substance and recognize marijuana’s medical purposes.

If these changes are made to marijuana’s classification then it will pave the way to legalization. Once it’s legalized, cannabis businesses will be able to take out business loans and set up a profitable enterprise in the thriving industry.

On top of that, medical marijuana will be available for those with conditions such as epilepsy and anxiety. Too many people have been incarcerated due to marijuana possession and so this is a good sign we’re on the right road to marijuana legalization.

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