Let’s not settle on anything less but full legalization.

Let’s not settle for less than anything but full legalization in the state of Pennsylvania. A fully legalized industry, with full employment for everybody. Medical is great and all but what about the rest of us that want to get in and be growers and processors and delivery people.


Have are own shops and stores and our own community! We deserve that wealth and safety also, every single one of us, I want to see an industry here in the state of Pennsylvania. What About Us?



Let’s face it the other states are besting us in this industry and here we are falling more more behind with  out-of-towners getting licenses to grow and process for medical. We need your help to us start 2018 off right, with a small monthly donation. It’ll just be harder for us to compete if we don’t get this done now.


Help us to put the Pennsylvania legislature on notice, we want full legalization. We want tax revenue for our schools ,our children. Less tax money leaving our paychecks. The list of positives just goes on and on but our legislators just don’t want to hear it.


Many many times I’m asked what can I do ? We need you to register to vote and contact your state representative and tell him what you want, it’s your right just be polite. The most important thing you can do in this fight is talk to your representative, for or against, talk to your representative.  Be that dude and help us out.


Want to know more come see us Wednesday December 20th general meeting.


General meeting with John fetterman candidate for lieutenant governor. Pittsburgh NORML executive director Patrick K Nightingale Esquire. Will also be on hand to answer any questions.


Black Forge Coffee House 7 p.m. see you there.






Steve Jaraczewski

Pittsburgh NORML board of directors.


$25.00 monthly donation


$20.00 monthly donation



$15.00 monthly donation



$10.00 monthly donation



$5.00 monthly donation



.99 cents monthly donation



$4.20 monthly donation


If you are at the High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan 2017 in Michigan then you have the very 1st opportunity to purchase these raffle tickets. Visit our booth in the non-profit village to get yours 1st!

ON 4/20/2018 at 7:00 PM 1 out of only 1000 tickets sold will be the winner based on the PA Lottery EVENING 3-Digit Drawing and that lucky winner will receive the following grand prize package:

-Round Trip Airfare for 2 Location TBD

-4 nights stay at a premier “Bud and Breakfast” Facility

-Lifetime Membership to Pittsburgh Norml

-Swag Bag from our Merch Table Including T-shirts and More Fun Stuff

-Special VIP Commercial Grow Facility and Dispensary Tour
-$1,420 Spending CASH

-More prizes will be added as time goes on too.

So far the combined value of this prize is over $5000 and will raise in value as prizes get added!

Tickets are only $10 in person or $12 online (due to fees) per ticket and only 1000 tickets are available. Online ticket link will be posted here on this event page after this weekend’s Cannabis Cup Event and they will only be for random numbers. If you want to try and secure a specific number you will need to purchase in person or message us for personalized service. If you do not win this time, don’t worry there will be other competitions down the line. You could also look at playing instant win lottery games online where you might get the opportunity to hit a jackpot. Or you can check out some casino games to see if you will ‘win big’. In Japan, there are only a few gambling games allowed that are legal, with one of them being the lottery, which compared to America, is not a lot. If you want to know what is the prospect of online casino gambling in Japan? You can pop on over to letsbegamechangers.com and see how you can take part as you wait for our next competition to open up.

We are holding ticket numbers 420 and 710 for promotional purposes so those will not be available.

Blazin With Bobby Black EPISODE #37: Patrick Nightingale Pittsburgh NORML

Between President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions trying to bring back draconian Drug War-era sentencing guideline, it’s been a pretty scary week for our democracy. To help make some sense of it all, Bobby welcomes on defense attorney and executive director of Pittsburgh NORML Patrick Nightingale for a special extended edition of our new Trumpocalypse Now! segment. Plus: a quick recap of some of the week’s headiest headlines in The Burndown. Brought to you by 420 Science.

Patrick Nightingale


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