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    Get on the Bus on 4/19 Pennsylvania Marijuana Decriminalization Rally

    We need activists to get on the bus. If you can’t get on the bus how about donating some tickets! So we can hook up some people to go. If you have ever wanted to do something to help change marijuana laws now would be the time to act. We need you too act now!! Purchase tickets right HERE https://www.facebook.com/events/745639285599175/ It is time for Pennsylvania to decriminalize marijuana! We must do so IMMEDIATELY! Around 20,000 people are arrested in Pennsylvania every year. That means unless we make changes to the law over the next ten years around 200,000 Pennsylvania citizens will have their lives ruined or severely interrupted by arrest!

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    Pittsburgh NORML Meeting and Free Expungement Workshop

    Pittsburgh NORML Meeting and Free Expungement Workshop Our montly meeting is Thursday January 5th starting around 7PM at Black Forge Coffee House and we will discuss the latest in the news and views of medical marijuana here in Pittsburgh and PA. We also invite all of our friends and supporters to join us for a free “expungement workshop.” Attorney Patrick K. Nightingale of PKN Law – Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorneys and Executive Director of Pittsburgh Norml will be discussing PA Expungement law and what rights you have to remove certain criminal charges from your criminal history. If you have a marijuana related charge on your record and you are curious…

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    Pittsburgh NORML Upcoming Meetings

    Join Pittsburgh NORML and The Pittsburgh NORML Women’s Alliance on October 6th for our monthly meeting! With special guest speaker: John Craig Hammond! John “Craig” Hammond reached out to Pittsburgh NORML seeking the support of cannabis consumers both in his District and throughout the region. Craig supports full legalization and will be another strong voice advocating the rights of cannabis consumers in Harrisburg. He is running against Mike Turzai! We are a 501(c)(3) so we cannot “endorse” Craig, but as with John Hanger and John Fetterman we will not hesitate to support PA candidates who support cannabis reform. We need to start building momentum for statewide decriminalization. The GOP is…