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    Still Waiting For Medical Cannabis

    It is heartbreaking watching parents and siblings BEG for their families lives. Seeing children suffer is just brutal and that’s what you will see here. How is our government not helping these families? What are YOU doing to help? #Campaign4Compassion #LegalizeForLorelei Campaign4Compassion.com Video By Lefty Grimes SativaCross.com CMMNJ.org Medical-Freedom.com MagicalButter.com #SativaCross Riley Karpowich Kenneth Lipp Ken Wolski Jim Miller Garyn Angel — with Mike Whiter, Luke R. Shultz, Dana Nadzam Ulrich, Theresa Nightingale and Lolly Bentch Myers. Like · Comment · Share · 2015 · Edited ·

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    Patrick Nightingale Executive Director of Pittsburgh NORML addresses The City of Pittsburgh

    Patrick Nightingale  Executive Director of Pittsburgh NORML addresses “The City of Pittsburgh” in regards to why possession of a small amount of marijuana should be decriminalized. Today the Pittsburgh City Council heard arguments as to why marijuana should be decriminalized. This follows decriminalization in Philadelphia. Copyright John Harvey. All rights reserved. Images may be freely used by Pittsburgh Norml, and the Pittsburgh Norml Women’s Alliance, and of course those in the images.