Happy HalloWeed! A rally to bring an end to cannabis prohibition!

Pittsburgh NORML Women’s Alliance and Pittsburgh Norml presents: Happy HalloWeed! A rally to bring an end to cannabis prohibition! We will be RETURNING to Flag Staff Hill for a late afternoon of spooky stoner fun! Featuring live music and guest speakers including Chaibaba, Byron and Masai from Formula Four One Two, RAS Maisha the Rasta, Palermo Stone and …

Rise Up and Rally: Just Say No to the Drug War

Pittsburgh, PA – Local political activist group Pittsburgh NORML (Pittsburgh’s National Organization for Reforming Marijuana Laws) announced that they will be hosting another “Rise Up and Rally” at Flagstaff Hill, Schenley Park on Saturday September 7th, 2013…

A rally to end cannabis prohibition in the Commonwealth!

"When - Saturday July 20 at 4:00 pm Where - Steps of City County Building, 414 Grant Street, Dahntahn What - A rally to end cannabis prohibition in the Commonwealth! Join fellow activists as we protest the unjust prohibition of cannabis in the Commonwealth of PA. Raise your voice in support of cannabis legislation currently pending in the PA Senate and House and show your fellow Pittsburghers that the time for reform is NOW!"

The Pittsburgh NORML Women's Alliance presents: Pot Luck or Dye!

The Pittsburgh NORML Women's Alliance is hosting an open pot luck and Tie-dye event in Highland Park! Bring a dish for the munchies and a white shirt for the fun! Everything else will be taken care of! Family friendly event!

Marijuana supporters rally at the Point

  Presence Mercier invoked a higher power Saturday during a pro-marijuana rally at Point State Park, Downtown. “God gave us cannabis,” read the handmade sign she clutched at “Buds in the Burgh, Toke II,” a protest against cannabis prohibition organized by Pittsburgh NORML. “Who am I to say God was wrong?” asked Mercier, 35, of Rochester, Beaver County. …

Smoke Down Prohibition, "Buds In The Burgh, Toke II"

On This Saturday May 25th we will gather at Point State Park, aka "The Point", by the bridge @ 3:30 pm to protest cannabis prohibition.

American Drug War 2 Come join us!!

Pennsylvania United For Freedom presents an exclusive, one night only screening of American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny in West Homestead, PA. Come out and catch this film on the big screen before it's too late!

Is Weed The New Wine?

It is the most widely used illegal drug in the world. An estimated 18 million Americans say they are regular users of marijuana. But who is smoking pot may – or may – not surprise you.

This years April 20th, 2013, or better known as 420,

This years April 20th, 2013, or better known as 420, will be accompanied by a country-wide celebration for marijuana. For those in Washington and Colorado, celebrations will be extra special as they usher in the end of marijuana prohibition

Buds In The Burgh! 4/20 Smoke Down Prohibition Event 2013

With the war on cannabis at it's turning point, some even saying it is over, cannabis users everywhere are finally coming out of the closet. We all know that these prohibition laws are extremely unjust. Now is the time to put them to an end. The Panic Hour along with help from Philly NORML are now headed into their fourth, soon to be successful "Smoke Down Prohibition" event on the eastern side of the state and now with help from…


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