Rally for Reform in Pennsylvania



What: A “Rally for Reform” at the State Capitol.

Where: Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg, PA

When: Monday, September 24, 2018 from 10am-Noon


Pennsylvania’s NORML chapters along with Keystone Cannabis Coalition are hosting a “Rally for Reform” in the State Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg.

Speakers include Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, Lt. Governor candidate John Fetterman, Rep. Jake Wheatley, Rep. Ed Gainey, Senator Daylin Leach, Sen. Sharif Street and Bethlehem City Councilwoman Olga Negrón.

” With cannabis arrest counts rising across the state and neighboring states threatening legalization, the time is right for this discussion in Pennsylvania.
If Pennsylvanians could vote on cannabis legalization in November, I am confident that we would win.”

-Jeff Riedy, Executive Director Lehigh Valley NORML

“Thousands of our citizens are finding relief legally for thanks to Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis law. But our citizens should not have to have a “serious medical condition” in order to be protected from an immoral and archaic law.”

-Theresa Nightingale, Pittsburgh NORML Women’s Alliance

“We know we are on the right side of history and we refuse to remain silent while our elected officials hide behind decades old nonsense ignoring the fact that over 60% of Pennsylvanians support full legalization.”

-Les Stark, Keystone Cannabis Coalition

“Cannabis prohibition costs our taxpayers over $300 million annually. Persons of color are charged at significantly higher rates than their white counterparts despite similar patterns of use. Its time to end the ridiculous war on cannabis and realize the significant economic opportunities afforded by legalization.”

-Patrick K. Nightingale, Executive Director Pittsburgh NORML

Patrick K. Nightingale, Esq.: pknlaw@mac.com, 412.225.7959
Jeff Reidy: lehighvnorml@gmail.com, 610.533.090
Les Stark: lesstark@ptd.net, 610.468.0690
Theresa Nightingale: theresadnightingale@gmail.com, 724.757.6385

Pennsylvania patients, parents and activists receive warm welcome from Governor Wolf and his top aids.

Pennsylvania patients, parents and activists receive warm welcome from Governor Wolf and his top aids.
Pennsylvania patients, parents and activists receive warm welcome from Governor Wolf and his top aids.

On March 19, 2015, Governor Tom Wolf, sat down with a group of twenty or so patients, parents and activists working to bring a medicinal cannabis program to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Many other states and areas have looked to similar measures, be it with the track and trace oklahoma program or other such measures. Members of Campaign4Compassion, Pittsburgh NORML, and Keystone Cannabis Coalition had the opportunity to sit down with Wolf, Policy Director John Hanger, and Chief of Staff Kathleen McGinty.

They listened to concerns that the current legislation being considered by the Senate would be too limited. The Governor and his staff demonstrated a clear understanding of trusting Pennsylvania physicians to make treatment suggestions and to not arbitrarily restrict treatable conditions or delivery methods.

“We’re so thankful the Governor sat down to talk with us. He has been very vocal in his support for medicinal cannabis” said Lolly Bentch, one of the parents fighting for medicinal cannabis for their children with severe seizure disorders. “More than once throughout this gathering, many of us felt the overwhelming urge to burst into cheers, simply for having a Governor who is so willing to join in a conversation about Medical Cannabis.” Activists’ countless requests for a meeting with the prior Administration fell on deaf ears despite a threatened sit-in.

“To listen to the Governor talk about the need for vaporization as an effective delivery method showed us that he understands the issues facing Pennsylvania patients” said Patrick K. Nightingale of Pittsburgh NORML. “He understands that this is an issue that should be between a patient and their physician.” Nightingale said.

The Governor made clear to everyone in attendance that they had a friend and ally in Harrisburg. “Remember, all three of us ran on this issue” he said drawing laughs and applause from the group. But as much as he would like to implement a medicinal cannabis program immediately, his hands are tied until the Senate and the House of Representatives act on this time sensitive matter.

Everyone in attendance acknowledged the challenges in moving forward. While there is broad public support in Pennsylvania for a medicinal Cannabis program, there remain concerns that it would be too limited by restricting treatable conditions and restricting delivery methods. It is thought that a recreational cannabis store may be the answer to enabling people to self medicate. These stores could offer people a number of marijuana products ranging from CBD oils to edibles and even specific hybrids like the ‘pink panther’. Also available at web stores that exclusively deal with cannabis and related products (e.g. BuyMyWeedOnline), the ever-popular pink panther strain makes users feel creative and euphoric; happy and clear-headed at the same time. A medicinal marijuana bill seems assured of passing the Senate, like it did last session, but its future in the House is less certain. For his part the Governor offered unwavering support, heartfelt encouragement, sound advice, and common sense solutions to many of the obstacles facing medicinal Cannabis advocates. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of people by being able to sell medical marijuana in your area, then it may be in your best interests to find out more about selling edibles in canada for further information.

Campaign4Compassion Administrator Lolly Bentch said “As we move forward, we continue to hope that members of the General Assembly will remember one thing. Good health is promised to no one. Disease affects young and old, rich or poor. Disease HAS NO BOUNDARIES. So why should compassion have boundaries? There is no better time to extend our hearts and help one another. We must communicate the urgency of this matter to our legislature.”

Activists urge all who support medicinal cannabis to “Please call your Senator and Representative and tell them to support Medical Cannabis in the Commonwealth NOW!”

For more information:

Lolly Bentch – lollybentchmyers@yahoo.com
Dana Ulrich – lorlan107@yahoo.com

Patrick K. Nightingale – patrick@pittsburghnorml.org

Les Stark – Lesstark@keystonecannabiscoalition.org