Pennsylvania Marijuana Decriminalization Rally

It is time for Pennsylvania to decriminalize marijuana! We must do so IMMEDIATELY! Other states have already legalized cannabis and are seeing the benefits of this decision. For example, advancements in cannabis production facility design have led to more people being able to grow this plant and this has increased jobs, boosting the economy. In other states, some cannabis businesses are starting to really increase profits too. Such as those that sell health supplement and skincare products like cbd cream for pain relief, because the results are so prominent after use! Due to how popular cannabis and marijuana are, some people might be interested in investing in a cannabis business. To do so, consider reading more bei kryptoszene (at kryptoszene).

Of course, there are also social benefits to legalizing marijuana. The social benefits that come with not imprisoning a person for simply possessing an entirely harmless narcotic. Around 20,000 people are arrested in Pennsylvania every year. That means unless we make changes to the law over the next ten years around 200,000 Pennsylvania citizens will have their lives ruined or severely interrupted by arrest!


All pennsylvania cannabis reform organizations are making a united effort to end the war on the people over a plant and we are rallying in the heart of the state capitol to make our voices heard and rock the halls of power.

Ultimately the solution is FULL LEGALIZATION of cannabis that includes home grows. This way, claiming discount on the best cannabis seeds and growing your own plants will no longer be a crime and we can enjoy our hobby in peace. If homegrown cannabis becomes legal, there will possibly be less selling and buying of the product which is surely what they want? Each will stick to their own grown. We know that this will take Pennsylvania a few years so we demand DECRIMINALIZATION NOW!

We are calling for ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE to join us in Harrisburg in the main rotunda at 11:30AM on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. This is the year that we can finally achieve another major victory for the people of Pennsylvania and give hope to the nation.

Please join us and help us spread the word and make this the BIGGEST RALLY YET!

Les Stark
Executive Director, Keytone Cannabis Coalition

Pittsburgh City Council to introduce ordinance decriminalizing the possession of under 30 grams of marijuana



Pittsburgh City Council to introduce ordinance decriminalizing the possession of under 30 grams of marijuana
On November 17, 2015, Public Safety Chair Councilman Daniel Lavelle will introduce an ordinance that will permit City of Pittsburgh Police to cite individuals found in possession of a “small amount” of marijuana under a local ordinance as opposed to charging them with misdemeanor level criminal offense. The Ordinance will create a civil fine of up to $100.00 for open possession of under 30 grams of marijuana or 8 grams of hashish. Officers are authorized to seize the suspected contraband and issue a civil fine similar to a parking ticket to individuals who are not engaged in any other criminal conduct.

Approximately 1000 individuals are charged with a misdemeanor level marijuana possessory offense in Pittsburgh annually. Almost all have the criminal charge reduced to a non-traffic summary citation at the first stage of criminal proceedings. Individuals charged with misdemeanor possession must be fingerprinted and risk loss of employment and housing, especially public housing. Despite similar usage between caucasians and African Americans, African American Pittsburghers are charged with minor marijuana possession offenses at a rate of 5 – 1 compared to their white counterparts.

Nationally, Pittsburgh joins a growing trend of local municipalities enacting similar laws to protect its citizens. In 2012 the City of Chicago moved to decriminalize small amounts allowing police to issue tickets instead of making an arrest. In 2014 Washington D.C. passed a similar ordinance providing for a $25.00 fine for possession of a small amount. Philadelphia’s decriminalization ordinance has resulted in an 80% reduction in custodial arrests for small amounts of marijuana.

“We are very excited that Pittsburgh will follow in the footsteps of Philadelphia and others across the country and embrace cannabis reform. Through the leadership of Public Safety Chair Daniel Lavelle and the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation Pittsburgh will no longer prioritize cannabis prosecution. Recreational and medicinal consumers in our great City can at least know that their police are not interested in arresting them and potentially ruining their lives over the possession of a simple, non-toxic plant.”

For more information:

Patrick K. Nightingale, Pittsburgh NORML – 412.225.7959 or

Aggie Brose, Bloomfield Garfield Corp. – 412-441-6950 ext 15 or