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    Let’s not settle on anything less but full legalization.

    Let’s not settle for less than anything but full legalization in the state of Pennsylvania. A fully legalized industry, with full employment for everybody. Medical is great and all but what about the rest of us that want to get in and be growers and processors and delivery people.   Have are own shops and stores and our own community! We deserve that wealth and safety also, every single one of us, I want to see an industry here in the state of Pennsylvania. What About Us?     Let’s face it the other states are besting us in this industry and here we are falling more more behind with …

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    2017 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

    2017 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo World Medical Cannabis Conference hosted at the David L Lawrence Convention Center by Compassionate Certification Center’s. This expo is for patients, investors, physicians, vendors with a full day of speaking and a kickoff cocktail event on Friday April 21! Anyone interested in attending the first of many Expo’s to come should buy tickets in advance. Stay tuned! https://www.facebook.com/events/1626595824318713/

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    Now What?

    Friend, Despite vocal opposition, members of the United States Senate voted 52 to 47 on Wednesday evening to approve the nomination of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for US Attorney General.  NORML thanks the tens of thousands of you who responded to our action alerts opposing this nomination and the thousands more who took time to make phone calls. While we are disappointed with this outcome, we are pleased that several members of Congress cited the senator’s opposition to marijuana policy reform as an impetus for rejecting his appointment. We’ve previously told you why Jeff Sessions is the wrong man for the job, but today it is time to move forward,…