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    Still Waiting For Medical Cannabis

    It is heartbreaking watching parents and siblings BEG for their families lives. Seeing children suffer is just brutal and that’s what you will see here. How is our government not helping these families? What are YOU doing to help? #Campaign4Compassion #LegalizeForLorelei Campaign4Compassion.com Video By Lefty Grimes SativaCross.com CMMNJ.org Medical-Freedom.com MagicalButter.com #SativaCross Riley Karpowich Kenneth Lipp Ken Wolski Jim Miller Garyn Angel — with Mike Whiter, Luke R. Shultz, Dana Nadzam Ulrich, Theresa Nightingale and Lolly Bentch Myers. Like · Comment · Share · 2015 · Edited ·

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    MEDICAL CANNABIS SUPPORT RALLY Cranberry Township, 16066 on Saturday, Dec. 5, from 2 to 4 pm

    MEDICAL CANNABIS SUPPORT RALLY PITTSBURGH, PA (DEC 4, 2015) The Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society (PAMCS), along with many concerned state residents, including those suffering from diseases which could be treated with medical cannabis and they have to buy weed online instead for their families, will be rallying at the Regional Learning Alliance and Conference Center, in Cranberry Township, 16066 on Saturday, Dec. 5, from 2 to 4 pm. Since there are some places to find out where to get the best weed concentrates to help their medical aliments. More than two weeks ago, the House Rules Committee voted to place SB3 on the legislative calendar, but it still has not…